Training Tables

Training tables are dynamic furnishings that foster interaction and collaboration. In educational settings and beyond, these tables function as central hubs for learning, encouraging engagement and fostering innovation.

TRMT Tables

A robust and secure table distinguished by its space-saving tilting top system. Simple to maneuver, it enables individuals to efficiently arrange spaces, whether in offices, training rooms, or conference settings. The two user-friendly top-release levers ensure effortless and ergonomic table operation.

TRMR Tables

Explore our versatile training tables designed for seamless arrangements. With two castors, these tables offer easy mobility, ensuring effortless adaptation to dynamic training environments while maintaining a sleek and functional design.

TRMF Tables

A sturdy, uncomplicated table designed for horizontal stacking. Crafted with die-cast and extruded aluminum, featuring table rotation joints and a plastic handle beneath the top. Available in 1400 and 1600 mm lengths, with optional rear wheels, including two with brakes, for easy mobility.

TRMP Tables

Discover our stackable training tables, combining functionality with durability. Crafted with sleek inox legs and a robust worktop, these tables provide a sturdy solution for versatile training and workspace configurations.

TRMG Tables

TRMG Training tables are a versatile, lightweight solution for modern educational settings. With tilt and stack features, two size options and secure castors, it enables swift space reorganization in schools, universities, libraries, training and meeting rooms. Mara's innovative hooking system effortlessly aligns and joins tables.

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