Shared Desks

A collaborative workspace solution, our sharedesks are designed for multiple users, fostering teamwork and flexibility in open office environments. These versatile desks encourage communication and idea exchange, making them ideal for modern workplaces, coworking spaces, and collaborative settings.

Recon Shared Desks

GreenForest's RECON sharedesks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and versatile, catering to the diverse needs of users in various settings such as offices, homes, or other workspaces.

Quadro Shared Desks

The QUADRO shardesks collection presents rectangular designs that deliver versatile solutions, enabling customizable configurations and accommodating different sizes to fulfill specific workspace requirement

Woodline Shared Desks

WOODLINE sharedesks exemplify the perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and functional design. The elegance of the wood's nobility, combined with the thoughtfully crafted structure, brings a timeless sophistication to individual workspaces.


ROTOLA is designed for a flexible workspace and can be used for focused work, teams, workshops or any other formal or informal meeting. Premium surface like: soft touch, anti-fingerprint, thermal healing of superficial micro-scratches, low light reflectivity.

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