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Since 1992

Professional Furniture and Fit Out
for a Great Office Experience

We design and manufacture office furniture and also, we have become one of the most significant companies in the field of interior design in Romania. The quality and simplicity of GreenForest furniture is the result of years of experience and developments in the Romanian and other EU markets. We ensure quality solutions to levels reachable to any company budget for a great o­ffice experience. Our production plant is located in Timisoara Romania and is capable of more than 3000 units/month. We have clients also in other European Countries like: Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Serbia, Republic of Moldova. The GreenForest team counts more than 120 employees that aim to deliver sustainable projects and build trust.


Committed to Deliver Better Solutions
for Businesses, Architects and Dealers

Dedicated to ongoing enhancement, we prioritize delivering faster and superior results. Our commitment to continuous improvement fuels innovation, ensuring efficiency and quality. We persistently strive to exceed expectations, embracing change and evolution to consistently elevate our performance and provide the best possible outcomes.

The future of work is our main topic of research and development activity. We follow a broader and integrated view of people in an array defined by technology, culture and space. Our fundamentals are workspace Design, Furniture Product Development, Ergonomics, Facility & Workplace Management.

For a Bright Future

Quality Environment
and Safety Policy

The application of sustainable development principles and the assurance of process and product quality at GreenForest are carried out through the integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, compliant with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

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