Meeting Tables

Meeting tables are versatile furnishings that facilitate communication and collaboration. In offices and beyond, these tables serve as the nucleus for brainstorming and decision-making, promoting productivity and innovation.


With the rectangular meeting tables from the QUADRO collection, it is possible to create any desired solution, reaching considerable sizes and always with the utmost versatility.


MOVI adjustable meeting tables offer ergonomic solutions for versatile meeting spaces. With sleek design and advanced technology, they adapt to group preferences, promoting comfort and productivity in any collaborative environment.


GreenForest's RECON desks and tables are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical and versatile, catering to the diverse needs of users in various settings such as offices, homes, or other workspaces.


Woodline meeting tables are testament to the fusion of beauty and functional design. The nobility of the wood and the shape of the structure add a touch of timeless elegance to boardrooms and conference areas.


Elegantly crafted with wooden legs for timeless charm, TRES collection features a Fenix table top surface, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with durability. Its smooth matte finish resists scratches and stains, creating a sophisticated and low-maintenance workspace for any setting.

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