Ergo furniture collection

GreenForest relies on high technology and research in order to observ the priciples of ergonomy. This is how we created Ergo, a new line of operational office furniture. The Ergo programme ensures maximum functionality while respecting the human requirements of comfort and health.

The Ergo programme is creative and easily adaptable. Its elements can be moved and combined in multiple ways. That makes Ergo the ideal solution for large, open spaces and the perfect means for creating the right team-work environment.

Creating a public relations area is easy with our Ergo programme. Make your guests feel comfortable and welcome using our Ergo solutions. Invite open communication and enjoy your success.

The Ergo programme consistently observes the ergonomy principles. In order to enhance your open space, you can adopt one of the Ergo solutions and replace the usual furniture legs with metal ones. The result will be an office looking more spacious and lively, and you will have more freedom to move around.

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